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True wellness involves balance in many areas of an individuals health. This chiropractic practice focuses mainly on the nervous system, however there are many other systems such as the digestive, cardiovascular, immune, and nueromusculskeletal systems. Dr. Timothy Gregory has put together an all-star team of favorite wellness providers. We've worked hand-in-hand with these team members. They can provide you what you need to help you create and support your wellness lifestyle.


Personal Trainer, Andre Coman:

I started Andre Coman Fitness Systems 14 years ago recognizing the need for quality coaching in my area. We deliver a level of coaching that catered to the individual, not just the group, one that paired with our scientific approach to training will yield the best results possible while accommodating all levels of fitness.

My passion in this industry is to IMPACT every individual I come in contact with in a positive way.  We want to help shape strong young boys and girls not only as athletes but as human beings who are positive, productive individuals in our community. Teaching them the importance of health, nutrition, education, and making a difference, not just being the best at their sport.  As for our adult population, our goal is to cover every aspect of life.  Mindset is first and most important because nothing can be changed or completed without this. Education is also extremely important.  Total wellness includes nutrition and solid fitness information after this is achieved our clients are then able to overcome any challenges that come their way according to their individual lifestyle.  This is one way we empower our clients while also paying it forward in our community.

Beth Culloty

Physical Trainer, Beth Culloty:

Motivated Fitness Trainer accomplished in helping clients at all fitness levels achieve personal physically fit goals. I strongly believe “health” is a conscious lifestyle choice necessary for longevity and happiness.
In my fitness career for more than 25 years, my main focus has been creating functional strength, using core based exercises and equipment.


AFAA and YMCA certified Group Fitness Instructor
AFAA certified Personal Trainer
TRX Group Suspension Trainer
SCW Kettle bell Instructor
RIPPED Instructor
Tabata Bootcamp Instructor
BARRE ABOVE Instructor
YMCA Parkinson’s Group Instructor
ASHO CPR Pro, emergency oxygen and Basic First Aid

Massage Therapist


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